Well Engineered is a customer and employee focused manufacturing company, specializing in custom product development and light civil construction.  Regardless of our role in a project, we strive to achieve the most cost efficient overall result. 

We always work safely, correctly, and quickly - in that order.

Our strength is in our ability to efficiently create cost effective solutions to non-standard problems. 


Light Construction

With decades of project management experience, we plan and execute construction jobs with the utmost efficiency.



Existing products available for purchase.  Take a look at our product offerings, and get in touch to order or to learn more.


Marine / HazLoc

Custom designs, products, and services for harsh marine environments and hazardous locations.

Car Design

Product Development

Have ideas for a product, but lack the expertise to bring it to life?  Let us help.  We have developed many of our clients ideas to production-ready items.