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Marine Surface and Subsea Design

The staff at Well Engineered has significant experience in marine electrical and mechanical equipment design. Our staff has designed systems to survive in harsh marine environments, from the deck of a ship to permanent submersion in seawater.  We have extensive experience in the design and supply of equipment suitable for permanent or semi-permanent subsea installations.  We routinely work with materials such as 316 or 304 stainless steel and with marine coating systems and paints.

Machine and Component Design

Well Engineered can easily create detailed manufacturing drawings and processes for complicated parts and assemblies. We pride ourselves in an efficient and precise workflow, and extensive knowledge of many manufacturing processes, including:

  • Stainless steel and carbon steel structures, as well as aluminium components

  • Hazardous Area electrical equipment in accordance with IEC 60079

  • Sheet metal parts and assemblies

  • Jigs and fixtures for production or testing

  • Hydraulics components

  • Assembly or transport frames for large machinery

We have experience with designing parts using thermoformed and injection moulded plastics, and we can rapidly prototype parts using our in-house 3D printer.  
These skills enable us to develop a product idea into a production-ready design.

Hazardous Area Equipment

Our engineers have designed and supplied equipment for use in hazardous areas in accordance with IEC 60079.  We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various electrical codes as they pertain to hazardous areas for both Division and Zone classification systems. 

Civil Engineering and Structural Design

Well Engineered has provided many manufacturing drawing packages for new structural designs and building modifications.  We have partnered with a civil engineering firm to provide guidance for heavy civil work, such as complex foundations or building repair work.

Professional Engineers

Well Engineered has three staff members with Professional Engineer designations who are registered with Engineers Nova Scotia.  We can provide a turn-key solution for all aspects of product design.  Our employees are diverse within the engineering discipline, with Mechanical, Aerospace, Materials, and Electronics engineers or EITs on staff.


We are highly experienced in product certification, and how it affects the design and testing processes and documentation requirements.  We have worked with third parties such as ABS, Lloyds, DNV-GL, CSA, BV, ETL, UL, RS, and NSF.

Evaluation and Repair

We can change a design for failure prevention, or for performance enhancement.  Well Engineered has well-established relationships with fabrication and machining experts that can handle essentially any project within our competency.

Project Management

The staff of Well Engineered have successfully managed projects with multi-million dollar budgets, spanning multiple years in duration, both on budget and on schedule.  Often these projects present their unique challenges, including changes to scope and testing requirements, sub-supplier lateness and material difficulties.  We will anticipate and mitigate many difficulties well in advance of impact to the critical path.

Electronics Design

Our staff is capable of electronics development, prototyping, testing, and optimization.  We employ a few highly experienced remote staff for the engineering and development work and operate a small electronics testing area in our facility. We have designed our own custom circuit boards starting from block diagram design, component selection, board layout, firmware creation, and board testing and troubleshooting.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to ISO 9001:2015.  This certification is awarded to companies that have demonstrated that they have a QMS that meets the requirements set forth in the ISO 9001:2015 standard.  The standard is used by organisations to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement with a focus on risk and opportunity.


Well Engineered will work with our network of partners to source fabricated or machined components very competitively by selecting the most efficient machine shop for the job.  Using our large network of suppliers in North America, we can help customers with requirements for forgings, machining, fabrications, technical welding, casting, and assembly of machinery.


Well Engineered has experience designing in a variety of materials including, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper nickel, duplex, titanium, aluminum, and a range of plastics.  We also have experience with material cladding and coatings.

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