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Crisis Shelters

The Crisis Shelter was designed as an emergency relief for members of our society who are not housed. The units were designed according to the National Building Code, 2015 Edition (NBC), & Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations. A crisis shelter is not defined in either code & the design therefore deviates from certain requirements. Where this is the case, Well Engineered designed the Crisis Shelter in consultation with local government, and with sound engineering judgement. The units are factory built in Burnside, NS, using our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.

The result is a product that is SAFE, AFFORDABLE, and AVAILABLE ON SHORT NOTICE.  

Crisis Shelter Features

  • 8’x8’ footprint with steel siding and 1.5:12 pitch roofing

  • 2x4 framed structure, with integrated twin bed frame and storage

  • Engineered lift and tie-down points for easy installation on any surface

  • R12 insulation with durable roof-wrap, vapour barrier, and steel mesh underneath

  • Access is through a out-swing 36” exterior door with venting window

  • Interior walls are finished with drywall and wood trim

  • Flooring is water impermeable PVC

  • One 10 lb ABC fire extinguisher per 3 shelters, mounted outside

  • Electrical components, powered from a nearby parent building, installed in accordance with CSA 22.1-18:

    • Electrical distribution panel

    • 1000 W electric heater with wall mounted thermostat

    • Dimmable light fixture with wall dimmer switch

    • Hard wired, tamper resistant smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, physically modified to prevent removal without tool

    • 4x USB charge ports

    • Surface mount armoured cable will be run throughout the structure

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