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Electric Vehicle Chargers

Do you need an EV charger at your home or office?  Well Engineered can help.  We will analyse your electrical supply details and design a solution that best suits your needs.  Our installation team will professionally integrate the charging system with a seamless transition between the new gear and the existing electrical equipment.  

There are essentially two types of Level 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturers.  The "mainstream" manufacturers are interested in selling their software.  They require an annual fee per charger installed, and they also require you to have billing systems set up, even if it's free to drivers.  These companies will not allow a "home use" charger to be installed in a business, as the home use ones have no associated subscription fees.  With the propriety software comes access to the billing systems, and maps based phone apps for each company.

On the other side, there are manufacturers that make the hardware only.  They want you to buy the equipment so that you can charge cars, with no requirement to participate in any software subscriptions.  An owner of such a station could still be "on the map", where most EV drivers use "", which is an app that is not affiliated with any charger company.

We recommend a Canadian company called Grizzl-e.  It is a brand of United Chargers, based in Markham ON.  We have the ability to do the billing for charging if you want to, but it's an add-on, and optional.  The chargers are simple, relying on the charging vehicle itself to report charge information to the driver.  There is an indicator light on the machine to report that the charge is active - and they are made in Canada.

We can customize the installation to include boost transformers for 208 V service, delivering the same charge performance as a 240 V residential system.

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